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for young Hadza children

Hadza children who attend primary school in the village of Endamagha in Northern Tanzania have very basic challenges to succeed. 

  • Access to basic school supplies. ​ While their tuition is covered by the Tanzanian government, their uniforms, shoes, bedding, pencils, and notebooks are not.

  • Safe transportation. There is no safe nor reliable transport to get children who live in bush camps back and forth from school. Currently, volunteers use their motorcycles take two kids at a time on this 4 hour journey - when they have the time and fuel money. 

  • Access to soccer supplies, to help combat marginalization. Soccer is a way that the headmaster has seen children communicate and collaborate across social boundaries and interact more positively. Unfortunately, funding for soccer supplies is limited.

  • Funding for Hadza cultural preservation. Children who live in this boarding school learn less about their traditional history from their elders and miss out on seasonal foraging opportunities and traditions. Funding will help the children travel home more frequently, to have access to family, home land, and culture. 

Schooling Symbol - African Young Girl Wr

To learn more about the importance of hunter-gatherer education, please visit The Research and Advocacy Group on Hunter Gatherer Education.


via artisanship and financial literacy 

Hadza women make beautiful hand-made crafts and necklaces to sell to tourists. They use a combination of seeds, reeds, porcupine quills, and beads to create their unique crafts. 

In addition to supplies for their artisanship, the most requested help from Hadza women leaders is: for training on how to deal with money that is given to them from tourists. Lack of basic financial literacy as led to: Hadzabe being taken advantage of, internal strife and inequity, and confusion about how to marry hunter-gatherer life with new opportunities that a cash economy affords.

Funding here will enable: the purchase of supplies to create crafts and financial literacy courses for these artisans. Hadza women are the leaders of their society; 


Above, in a camp located in the village of Barazani, Hadzabe women display their beaded necklaces and crafts for tourists to purchase. 

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