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We periodically publish newsletters with updates on our progress, as well as updates from the the team in Tanzania.

Please read our latest newsletters:

  • Fall 2023 - Learn about the exciting global meetings that Olanakwe Community Fund is part of that connect us to other Indigenous hunting and gathering groups around the world. 

  • Spring 2022 - Read about the success of the Giving Tuesday 2021 campaign that sent four Hadzabe children to secondary school. Meet Shopo, the new student coordinator.

  • Spring 2021 - Hear about the international reputation that @olanakwe is gaining and the success of the sports inclusion programming at the primary school.

  • Winter 2020 - Meet Anna! Updates from the ground @ school, and our incredible Giving Tuesday results.  

  • Fall 2020 - Meet Shani! Updates on children's school supplies, and Shani's progress in his Master of Law degree.

  • Summer 2020 - Introducing Olanakwe Community Fund 


  • Case report on Olanakwe Community Fund Primary Education Inclusion Program Link to UN Case Report​

  • Collaboration with UNITE Passion Project: Shani Mangola & Alyssa Crittenden on the Hadza organizing for change

Link to youtube video

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